What Kind of Dog Should I Get?


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Deciding to get a dog is a big decision and before bringing a dog home, future dog owners need to make sure that they choose the right breed. Not all types of dogs are suited to certain living situations. This means that families need to think about the right dog for the home before they go and look at puppies.

Since not all dog breeds will work with all families, there are a few things to consider before bringing home a furry friend. Taking these factors into consideration will ensure that you make the right choice for your family and your new pet.

Think About the Dog’s Size

Probably one of the first things that potential dog owners think about when looking for a new dog is the dog’s size as this will play a huge role in how well it fits into the house. Families who live in small apartments are going to be less happy with a huge dog that doesn’t have room to move around.

Larger breeds tend to need more space in the home and outside in the yard while smaller breeds are content in smaller houses. Also, think about what size dog family members are comfortable controlling and walking as trying to control a large breed can be scary for some people.

Temperament Matters

It’s also very important to consider the temperament of the breed that you’re considering. There are some breeds that are very calm and are happy snuggling with the family while others are much more aggressive and protective.

The temperament of a dog is often determined by its breed but even individual puppies can exhibit major differences.

Consider the Attention They Need

Some dogs are simply clingier than others. Often called “Velcro dogs,” these breeds want to be by their owners as much as possible. Pet owners who have active lifestyles and are often out of the home will want to think about whether or not they can give their clingy dogs the attention that they need.

On the other hand, owners who work from home or want the attention of a clingy dog may be happier with Velcro dogs that constantly follow them around.

Some Dogs Are More Expensive

It goes without saying that all dogs cost money to own and take care of but some cost a bit more than others. It’s always a good idea to research the main medical problems, such as cancer and hip dysplasia, that a certain breed is prone to having so that you can decide if the cost is worth the benefit.

Some dog breeds are known for being very hardy and not suffering from major medical problems. While these dogs will still need regular checkups and vaccinations, they can be much less expensive to care for over their entire lives.

Nobody wants to base the decision of what dog to get solely on the cost of the animal but responsible pet owners know that providing high-quality care for the life of the pet is important. Being able to provide necessary treatment for the dog will keep it happier and healthier for longer.

Be Prepared to Increase Cleaning

Some dogs simply require more cleaning than others. Longer-haired breeds tend to leave a lot of fur behind them in the house, requiring pet owners to spend more time cleaning off the sofa and vacuuming the floor.

Opting for a breed that doesn’t shed is a great way to enjoy a dog without having to constantly vacuum and sweep. However, they often require regular visits to the groomer to reduce matting and to keep their coats looking healthy.

It can be very tempting to choose the first puppy that you find but researching the breed of dog that you are considering is very important. While all puppies start our small and cute, some grow into dogs that may simply be too large, too needy, or too aggressive for your family.

Researching the dog breed that you’re considering will help you ensure that you opt for the best breed for your family and will help you feel confident in your decision. This will allow you to bring your new furry friend home and get to know each other even more quickly.

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