This Is Why Your Dog Barks At Nothing


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Did you ever experience lounging around with your dog in the middle of the night, then suddenly, without any reasons at all, he starts barking on a wall or howl on closed doors or growl on that sofa next to you, knowing that there is nothing there?

Or is it?

Maybe he’s just being crazy?

Or maybe you’re going crazy about the howling and growling and barking at nothing, that you might start thinking that THERE IS SOMETHING, right there, staring back at your dog or looking grimly at you?

Okay, you might want to calm down a bit.

Before you start Googling paranormal investigators in your area, you might want to consider these things first as to why dogs start to bark at nothing.

6 Reasons Why Dogs Bark At Nothing

1. Frustrations

Your dog usually barks if he wants to get something but can’t. This could a territorial barking, warning animals nearby to stay away or excitement barking due to a guest or a new person that he wants to greet.

2. Social Barking

Dog are highly social animals. Therefore if they smell or hear nearby canines, they might start to bark as a form of greeting. If your home or yard is near on the road or a path, then he might smell other dogs that walk past and starts barking.

3. Distant Noises

Dogs can pick up quiet noises that human ears cannot hear. You may not hear it, but he can do, loud and clear. It could be another dog barking from a distance, wild animals being rowdy at your garden or small animals hiding somewhere in your appliances or cabinet such as spiders mice or birds.

4. Attention Barking

A dog barking at nothing is not always a reaction to distant smell or sound. Oftentimes, barking is his only way to get your attention, even if it means being shouted at.

5. He’s Bored

Just like humans, dogs become restless when they are bored. If you have been out for the whole day and failing to play or walk him for even just a few minutes, then your dog becomes more agitated, since he has a lot of energy to spare. As a result, he is more likely to bark a lot more. It might look like your dog is barking straight at your front door, but he might just want to tell you that he needs some exercise.

6. Canine Dementia and Other Health Problems

It never hurts to go to his veterinarian every now and then when you can’t understand why he barks at nothing all the time. Sometimes, pain can cause him to bark at nothing since he can never tell you that he’s in pain.

Senior dogs, on the other hand, may engage in unexplained barking and aimless pacing around the house. This can be a sign of canine dementia and can be relieved with medications and treatments.

Finally… Can He Sense Ghosts?

If he often barks and growls at nothing, you might start wondering if he is seeing something that your human eyes can’t. Even if you are not the type of individual to believe in supernatural presences, sometimes a dog’s behavior can be a bit unnerving (especially during midnight, when you’re alone).

Well, believe it or not, there have been studies and research about whether dogs have this “sixth” sense. Although this cannot be convincingly ruled out, there are scientists who believe that “ghost barking” is probably because dogs have better senses than us.

With the ability to hear things of up to 4 times farther and a sense of smell that is 10,000 times more sensitive than yours, it is highly possible that your dog is just sensing something that seems “nothing” to you. Moreover, dogs even have this ability to see small movements, invisible to the human eye.

So, if he stands there at starts barking on the wall, then he is probably hearing something moving behind or within it (like mice gnawing on your electrical wires).

Still, there are several stories of dogs as well as other pets behaving ominously or strangely is seeming to be in touch with “something” you can’t see. This might be a mystery which probably will never be solved, ever!

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