Is There A Right Way To Bathe Your Dog?


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Giving your dog a bath is the best way that you can do to keep him/her smell and look good. However, most dog owners are having a hard time bathing their pets and as a result, they keep asking their self if there is a right way to bathe their dogs.

If you’re one of these owners who keep asking this question over and over again, then this content can help you a lot. Here, we will show you some ways/tips to make bath time a positive and happier experience for you and for your dog.

10 Tips for Bathing Your Dog

1. Brush Up

Before giving your dog a bath, combing and brushing his/her coat thoroughly is recommended. By doing this, you will be able to get rid of tangles which might get worse when they are wet. Plus, brushing can take away loose hair that may possibly block your drain.

2. Use Warm Water

Keep in mind that dog’s skin is far different from people. Thus using warm water is highly recommended simply because both cold and hot water can frighten canines particularly puppies and instantly pressure them out.

3. Talk to your dog in a reassuring and calm voice while you’re giving them a bath

Talking to your dog while giving them a bath is the easiest way that you can do if you want to have a stress-free bathing experience since your dog will eventually think that you’re not punishing him/her.

4. Be Gentle

Actually, the process of bathing your dog must be more similar to a massage than a brush. Allow your pet to slowly get used to to the water and get her or his coat wet little by little. After which apply the right shampoo and rub it gently starting at his/her tail. Nevertheless, when rinsing, you need to be extra careful so that you do not get any to your pet’s eyes.

5. Choose the Right Tub

Use a tub the offers solid footing and large enough for your pet.  Don’t attempt to squeeze the dog in your kitchen sink. In addition to that, make sure to place rubber mats on the bottom of the tub to keep your pet from sliding as well as become fearful.

6. Apply Conditioner

Applying conditioners that are specifically designed for a dog is highly recommended as they keep your dog’s coat moisturized and prevent future tangles. Take note, don’t ever use a conditioner that is designed for humans.

7. Rinse Thoroughly

Before drying your dog, rinse him/her thoroughly to get rid of all traces of the conditioner and shampoo. As a matter of fact, conditioner and soap left on your dog will make its skin dry.

8. Dry

When your dog is washed clean, take him/her away from the tub and dry using a clean towel. However, you can utilize a hair dryer designed for canines as long as it does not scare your dog.

9. Don’t brush your dog’s coat if it’s still wet

Make sure to dry your dog’s coat thoroughly before trying to comb it since brushing or combing wet coats can be painful for your dog.

10. Give your dog some treats

The process of bathing your dog will be easier if he or she has something to look ahead to. Don’t forget to give your dog some treats after getting a bath. In that way, your dog will eventually learn that when it is all over, he/she will get rewards.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

At a minimum, it is recommended to wash your dog once every three months. On the other hand, you can also bath your dog as often as every other week using a gentle shampoo.

Dog breeds that have water-repellent coats like Great Pyrenees and Golden Retrievers must be washed less often so that their natural oils that promote hair development will be preserved.

Even so, if your dog is suffering from any condition or skin allergies it is best to consult a vet regarding his bathing routine.

Nevertheless, when you are in doubt, you can use your own judgment, if your pets start to smell bad or play in the mud, it is probably the right time for a wash. However, always keep in mind that over washing can cause dryness and irritation.


Bathing helps keep your pet’s coat and skin free of parasites, clean, and healthy. Either way, by simply following the above-mentioned tips, you will surely create a wash time routine which turns out to be a great relationship opportunity for the both of you.


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