How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing In The House


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If you have a dog that often pees around the house, then you already know how troublesome it is. But if you don’t have one and was just planning to get a dog, then as a friendly reminder, you should teach or train your pet as soon as possible so that it won’t pee around the house.

A dog that pees around the house is one the most common problems that dog owners experience. So we have decided to put up several tips in this article to help you out with your pet problems.

The Possible Cause of Your Pet Peeing Indoors

Here’s one thing that you should about when it comes to overcoming the problem. Teaching and stopping your dog to stop peeing in your house will depend on the cause of it.

Whether if you got a new puppy that hasn’t been trained yet, or an adult dog who just started to pee inside the house again, the cause of the problem will depend on a few reasons such as incontinence especially if it is an aging dog, territorial marking, lapse in-house training habit, or being submissive after being scolded.

No matter what the reason is, you’ll need to have a lot of patience and perseverance to some dogs that you are potty training with, while there would be others that learn very quickly. But still, consistency and patience are important when it comes to potty training a pet to get the best results.

5 Simple Ways to Stop Your Dog from Peeing Inside the House

Now that you know a couple of important things before solving the problem, we will now get on with the simple ways that you can follow to stop your dog from peeing indoors in no time.

The following below are 5 simple ways to stop your pet from its bad peeing habits:

1. Bring Your Pet Outside Before They Pee

It is very easy to know when your dog has the urge to pee inside your house. You have probably seen your pet sniffing the ground, circling around without leaving its spot, or even cocks their leg (for male dogs) before they decide to urinate.

As soon as you see these signs on your dog, carry them outside and wait for a few moments if they’ll pee or not. If they did, then praise your pet for being such a good dog or even reward them with treats so that they’ll start peeing outside, rather than inside the house.

The key for this step to succeed is if you are quick enough to catch them before the act.

2. Catching them During The Act

If you fail or late to see the signs before they start peeing, then you’ll have to catch their attention quickly such as calling out their names in a loud manner, clapping your hands, or by dropping a book just loud enough to catch their attention and temporarily stop them from urinating.

Quickly carry your dog outside of your house where they can continue with their business. Once they are done, praise or give them a treat to further encourage to pee outside the house. Aside from outside, you can even bring your pet to the shower area where you can just wash off their pee after.

Cleaning up their pee can be quite frustrating, but you’ll gain nothing from punishing them as they won’t understand what they did wrong. So rather than punishing them for urinating inside, just praise them if they peed outside the house after bringing them out.

3. Get Rid of the Smell

You may have wiped off the urine from the floor but it would still leave some scent on it. You may not smell anything from it, but your dogs will. Unlike humans, dogs have a stronger sense of smell which will enable them to smell their urine and causing them to pee on the same spot again.

This is also because that it gives them the idea that it is the “appropriate place” for them to pee. To prevent them from urinating at the same spot inside your house, you should try wiping it off with the following below:

  • Lemon Juice

Mix water with a freshly squeezed lemon before spraying it on the floor or on the carpet. Not only will it keep your pet at bay, but it will also provide a pleasant smell in your house.


  • Rubbing Alcohol

The powerful scent of an isopropyl alcohol is disliked by dogs. Get an empty spray bottle and fill with half-alcohol and half-water mixture, which you can use weekly while cleaning your home. Since it has an anti-bacterial property, it will disinfect the sprayed area.


  • White Vinegar

Dogs also cannot stand the smell of acetic acid so they avoid areas that have the smell of it. Mix the vinegar with water and spray on places that your pet has used as a “toilet” to neutralize the area

4. Crate them Before Bed Time

Crating your pet may seem pitiful to some of you, but this is actually effective so that they won’t be around your house. Dogs don’t like peeing in their personal space to always have a comfortable environment that they could sleep in.

However, crating is just a temporary solution only if you’ll have to them alone at home or when it’s time for bedtime. But if you really don’t like using this technique, then you’ll have to stick on teaching them to pee in the bathroom. This is a really good thing to teach to your pet so that you won’t have to bring them outside in the middle of the night, or if they are left alone in the house.

5. Never Punish Them

Not only is this cruel, but it will also confuse the hell out of them as they won’t know what they have done wrong. Rather than punishing them, just scold them to not pee in the house until they finally understand it.

Also, always give them some treats if they urinated outside or inside the bathroom so that they’ll know that they are doing something good. This will encourage them further to pee outside and not inside the household.


Taking care of dogs can be quite tiring sometimes and frustrating, but at the end of the day, we’ll still love them as they are one of the most lovable pets that one could own. Potty training a dog would take a while before you get the satisfying results. Therefore, you’ll need to have a lot of patience and consistency to be able to get the best results.

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