How To Stop Dog Barking In 6 Easy Steps?


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When a dog barks, perhaps there’s something wrong!

As humans, we communicate in our daily lives through speaking or writing as well as sign languages whatever will be appropriate. However, dogs are man’s best friend but how can be a human being understand a dog when we actually say a word while they bark? Definitely, it may cause misunderstanding.

Dogs were meant to bark to communicate. Thus, barking is a dogs’ way to express themselves to anyone or anything around them it could be excessive barking or a moderate barking, depending on the situation.  Until it will sound annoying specifically in times of rest hours or even during a regular day when your pet does not stop barking. Maybe the pet is telling us something that we fairly could not understand.

Can you imagine a dog suddenly speak in a native language as yours? Of course not! So instead of bragging about our noisy dogs why not look for ways to stop it from barking.

But before we arrive on the solutions let us take a look at reasons, why dogs bark?

Let’s get it on track!

  • Due to unpleasant surroundings

Dogs seem to be territorial in a way that it triggers their attention when someone or something is in their area; it could be another dog, passing cars, or whatever it triggers them. This may sound selfish in their parts but this could be their way of defense for their protection.

  • There is a stranger outside the house

A good thing for every dog owner for it gives a cue whether the visitor is out there. This also may apply when there’s a thief ready to attack your house so you will be alarmed.

  • To seek attention

This happens when a dog is strongly dependent on its owner. No one wants to be alone so as dogs. After a long day in outdoor activities, it is necessary to have a quality time with your dogs at home. Maybe it barks to catch up your attention.

  • Feels an excitement

Dogs get excited when its playtime and when they see another dog in a corner. Perhaps the owner finally comes home after a long day of work.


Other reasons:

  • Not feeling well
  • Lack of exercise
  • Irritated
  • Talking to other dogs

Six easy ways to stop a dog from barking


1. Freely allow your dog to bark.

Do not give him/her any of your attention until it gets tired of barking and stops. And when he/she stops, give your pet a prize. Do not do this at all time for it will cause a familiarity for a dog to continuously seek your attention to have an incentive.

2. Get your dog away of what triggers it to bark.

Whether it is a strange thing for the pet, get that out of his/her sight. Distract your pet with another thing to get its attention. Taking away your dog from that object could also work.

3. Do an exercise

Dog wants to do simultaneous activities. Don’t let your dog stuck inside your house or on his/her crate but also make outside activities with them. Take your dogs to jog with you every morning and to walk in the afternoon. Dog loves when they are involved in your exercise routines.

4. Allow training during the early age.

There are tools that can be used to train your dog. Examples are back collars and stop dog barking devices but make sure that it won’t hurt your pets so use it safely and appropriately.

5. Make your dog familiar to commands and hand signals.

A simple word like “quiet” can be understood by a dog when it made familiar to him/her. Be consistent and patient to help your dog restrain from barking. It may not work immediately on more distracted areas but keep on being consistent. Learn also the basic hand signals to command a dog.

6. Give another series of commands.

To fully distract your pet from barking, try to catch its attention with other commands such as sitting down, roll-over, lying down and other basic commands.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why dogs bark and we cannot just ignore it. There are also preventions on nonstop barks of our dogs. All we need to consider is to lengthen our patience for our dogs to make things work.

Dogs love to bark, anytime and anywhere. It really takes a bunch of patience to get through these bad habits of them. We cannot omit the fact of them being our best friend (who barks).

Love them anyways!


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