How to Get Dog Poop Out of the Carpet


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No matter how well you have trained your dog, accidents can happen quickly, leaving you wondering how you should get dog poop out of your carpet. No dog owner wants to deal with poop stains or smells in his or her carpet but it can seem inevitable when you own a dog.

Understanding the steps that you need to take to treat this problem and take care of your carpet is important. These steps will have your carpet looking and smelling amazing again in no time as long as you are willing to work quickly.

Remove the Solids First

The first step in treating your carpet is to remove any solids that are left behind. This can be easy in some cases, although dogs that are suffering from diarrhea may not leave behind a lot of solids to pick up, which can be frustrating for dog owners.

Make sure to wear disposable gloves and use a paper towel to carefully pick up solids from the carpet. Never push the mess down as this can force it into the fibers of the carpet and make the rest of the steps much more difficult.

Use an old spatula to help lift the poop off of the carpet if necessary as this will separate the fibers without pushing the waste down. The waste can then be bagged up and thrown away to reduce odors in the home.

Treat and Soak

After all of the solids have been removed, then it is time to use a product such as vinegar or a special stain remover to treat the stain and try to loosen it from the carpet. Many dog owners make a huge mistake with this step. It’s very important to fully spray and saturate the stain and then allow it to sit.

One great option for use in a home is to combine white vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio and then spray it on the stain. This is a wonderful choice for dog owners who have children or other pets and are worried about exposing their families to harsh chemicals from other products.

Other great options for soaking include hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol.

Scrub the Stain

After the stain has soaked for a while, then it is time to scrub it. Carefully blot the stain with cold water and soap to add a little more moisture to the stain. Using a bristle brush, scrub vigorously. It’s important to make sure to avoid scrubbing so hard as to wear down the carpet.

The soap suds should start to lift the stain from the carpet during this step. Make sure to rinse your brush off repeatedly during scrubbing to remove any messy from the bristles and to avoid grinding the stain further into the carpet.

Continually blotting and scrubbing the stain can take a while but you need to continue with this step until the poop stain is no longer visible.

Rinse it Out

After scrubbing out the stain, you need to rinse the carpet. Remove any excess moisture from the carpet using paper towels as any water left in the carpet can easily pick up bad odors.

Start rinsing by using a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water on the stain. Carefully pour or drip this liquid on the carpet and allow it to soak into the fibers.

After the vinegar has soaked in, then rinse the spot with cool water. Make sure to blot with a towel after it is rinsed to remove any excess moisture.

Use an Odor Remover

Finally, use an odor remover to help remove any last bit of odor that may linger in your carpet. Baking soda or another odor removal product is a great option. Allow it to rest on the carpet overnight and then thoroughly vacuum it up in the morning.

Taking care of the problem right away is key to achieving the best results when your dog has had an accident on your carpet. While many people know how to treat carpet after a dog has peed on it, not as many people know the multiple steps that they need to take to remove the poop.

While this process does require elbow grease and commitment to ensure the best results, it is hands down the most efficient way to treat problems with dog poop in your carpet.

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