How To Clip Your Dog’s Nails When Your Dog Is Scared


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Some dog owners would ask, “Can’t we just skip clipping the nails of our dog?” Unfortunately, you can’t. Leaving your dog’s nails too long can result in serious problems not only for your dog but also for you.

The toenails of dogs can affect their posture. When the toenails of a dog grew too long that it touches the floor, his brain will receive a signal that he is currently on an incline. As a result, it will change its stance to balance itself.

If you let your dog experience it for a long time, it will develop undue stress on joints and in particular cases, it can leave permanent damage to your dog’s health. Aside from that, long toenails can twist a dog’s toes in a wrong alignment.

This condition can lead to lameness and it may contribute to arthritis of the feet and in the joints. In here, I am about to share an effective way to clip your dog’s nails when it is scared. I will also discuss some of the reasons why several dogs are afraid of this dog grooming routine and the things to avoid when doing dog nail clipping.

Reasons Why Your Dog’s Is Afraid Of Having Its Nails Clipped

Just like humans, the toes are also considered a sensitive body part for dogs. They would prefer that no one touches their feet even during their nicest mood. Dogs with nail-clipping associated trauma in the past might also show a PTSD type of reaction upon seeing a nail clipper. One of the causes of this trauma is when a dog has been “quicked”, which means its toenails are trimmed to gar that it cuts the tender nail bed.

To be quicked is incredibly painful and it can sometimes lead to bleeding. When a dog is scared of having its nails clipped, take time and never lose patience. Learn the things that can help you to successfully clip your dog’s nails.

Things To Avoid When Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

When clipping the nails of your dog, avoid doing the following things that most owners commonly do. These are common mistakes that we are not aware of.

Restraining Your Dog To Clip Its Nails

Most dog owners want to restrain their dogs to clip their nails when it is terrifying, which includes the technique of squeezing the paws with so much force. But even if you have successfully clipped your dog’s nails using this method, it will break the trust between you and your canine friend.

Restraining your dog can lead to greater problems in the future so better avoid it as much as possible. There are other ways to clip the nails of your dog when it is scared that can make your pet comfortable and not terrified of nail clipping.

Being Too Emotional When Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

Dogs can recognize human emotions based on the tone and volume of voice and through our body language. More so, they are tuned in to our emotional estate that being too emotionally involved while clipping their nails can only make them more fearful. Never express your anxieties and fears when clipping the nails of your canine friend. It will only add to add their trauma, which will only make it difficult for you to clip its nails later on.

Giving Up

A scared pooch is hard to handle when it’s time for nail clipping. For this reason, most dog owners give up, which is a huge mistake. Don’t let your dog win and risk its health along the way.

You are going to clip its nails to keep your dog healthy and well. Grooming your dog is among your pet parenting responsibilities. Make sure to do it right.

Start Clipping The Nails Of Your Scared Dog

Here is the step by step guide on how to clip the nails of a scared dog:

Step 1: Sit on the floor without holding any clipper tools then ask your dog to sit.

Step 2: Touch the paw of your dog for one second then reward it with praise several times. Afterward, do the same thing but gradually extending it to five seconds.

Step 3: Hold the paw of your dog for a second then make it longer.

Step 4: Go over steps 1 to 3 again but with clipper tools out this time.

Step 5: Get the clippers in one of your hands then go over the first three steps again.

Step 6: Touch the clippers to the toes of your dog for a second while holding its paw. Afterward, extend the time to 5 seconds.

Step 7: Get ready with the clippers around your dog’s nail for a second then extend to 5 seconds. Don’t clip the nails of your dog yet.

Step 8: Praise and reward your dog for about 10 times then clip a tiny portion of your dog’s nails. Make sure not to cut the quick then give a huge reward to your dog by giving him plenty of praise.


As a conclusion, clipping the nails of your dog is an important dog grooming routine that you must not miss. If your dog is terrified about it, give extra effort to make it a comfortable experience to them.

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