Here’s What To Do When Your Whole House Smells Like Dog Urine


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As a pet owner, you will always experience to clean dog pee on your carpet, floor, or any spot inside or outside your home. But what if your house smells like dog urine every day? You don’t have to endure such a nasty smell all your life. Because in this article, I will share several techniques to remove dog urine odor inside your home. Let’s get into it.

Ways To Remove the Smell Of Dog Urine At Home

Here are some of the ways to remove the smell of dog urine in your home:

Clean The Dog Urine

Before anything else, you have to remove the source of the bad odor. Otherwise, the smell will still linger in your home even after using several deodorizers.

Clean the dog urine using a paper towel or towel. Wipe the affected area until the urine is completely absorbed. You can also use old newspapers as a substitute for a paper towel. Just put several newspaper pages in the stained area to pick up all the urine and repeat the process until it is dry.

Utilize Soap and Water

After removing the urine, clean the stained area thoroughly using soap and water. If urine was sprinkled on a sofa, bed, or carpet, remove their fabric covers then wash them. But if the urine was sprayed over a hardwood floor, wiping the affected area with soap and water helps to remove bacteria and dog urine odor.

Apply A Sanitizing Liquid

When finalizing your cleaning sessions, make sure to apply a sanitizing liquid in a towel then wipe surfaces with it. Sanitizing liquid mostly has a pleasant smell, and it can remove bacteria.

Spot Dog Urine Using A Black Light

To make sure that you are targeting the right spot to clean, use a black light. This device will allow you to see a dog pee clearly, which helps to know which area needs more of your cleaning effort. You can purchase this device in several pet shops at a very affordable price.

Make A Deodorizing Solution

You can find several remedies that are just lying around your home. Baking soda is one of the most popular cleaning solutions that is well-known for its odor-absorbing power. Mix baking soda, dish detergent, and peroxide in a container then spray onto the stained area. Allow the solution to sit for about 10 to 20 minutes, then use a vacuum to pick up the residue of the cleaning solution.

You can also use a brush to remove the solution off of the affected area. Afterward, check if the smell is completely gone. If the smell of dog urine is still present, repeat the same procedure as necessary.

Use Vinegar

Another effective solution to remove the dog urine smell is vinegar. Spray pure vinegar to the stained area then leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, use a vacuum to remove any remnants on the surface. Vinegar helps to neutralize urine smell, making it one of the most accessible deodorizers.

Other Remedies To Keep Home Smelling Fresh

Let Clean Air Come In

Make it a habit to open your windows every morning to let fresh and clean airflow inside your home. It helps to remove the smell of dog urine by allowing the stuffy air to go out of the house. Vented ceiling fan, bathroom, and an attic fan can also help to pull air out.

Use The Power Of The Sun

Dogs can accidentally urinate on carpets, bed, sofa, and pillows. After cleaning or washing these items, place them under the sun for a few hours during a sunny day to remove moisture and bad odor. This remedy is practical and easy to do, so try it.

Place A Few Plants Inside Your Home

Another way of removing dog urine smell inside your home is by placing plants in different areas. Plants provide oxygen that helps clean the air. Some of the plants you can add in your home ornaments are rubber plants, lady palms, English ivy, and so much more. Placing these plants inside your home can also add beauty and relaxing vibe in your space.


To sum it up, you don’t have to let your home smelling like a dog pee all the time. Apply the ways I have mentioned earlier to remove the nasty odor inside your home. Using a combination of natural remedies and commercial cleaning solutions can make your job easier.

When your pet accidentally urinates on your carpet, furniture, or bed, don’t punish them by striking or shouting but determine the root cause of these accidents instead. Along the way, cleaning your home regularly can help to keep the fresh and healthy air flowing in your space.

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