Does Your Dog Need A Seatbelt In The Car?


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In the earlier times, most dogs have roamed freely when riding in a car, exhilarated in hanging their heads out of the windows, their ears flapping in the air breeze. Then pet owners learned about some dangers of dogs riding freely in cars. Recently, a lot of dog owners have been thinking about care safety for pets, and this is for a good reason –and so has the law.

In fact, some states in the United States of America enacted laws against driving with a dog in the lap, while some also require some kind of restraint for dogs inside cars. Does your dog need a seatbelt in the car? Read on to this article to learn about this!

Does Your Dog Need A Seatbelt In The Car?   

Certified dog trainers say that one of the first-ever things that dog owners should do is getting a safety harness. Yes, we are talking about the dog car seatbelt. So to answer the question above, YES –for safety purposes, your dog does need a seatbelt in the car!

Most of the dog car seatbelts work in unison with the existing seatbelt strap of the car, which is certainly not designed for the dog’s safety. These dog car seatbelts are designed for restriction, and a good one might be much more heavyweight than the harness of a dag for walking.

Combining the human seatbelt with a well-built dog seatbelt may provide ultimate safety for your dog, as well as more fun car rides for you and your dog!

Risks Dogs Possibly Face When Riding In Cars

It is no cool contemplating any scary scenarios, more particularly when, for a lot of dogs, a drive in a car is a happy occasion. Nonetheless, a lot of us are simply not aware of the possible dangers, which riding in cars shows to unrestricted dogs and drivers. These include the following:

  • Using tether like a zipline or a leash joined with a dog collar might cause austere injury in case of a car crash or even in case of a sudden stop.
  • Airbags were deployed in case of an accident may injure the dogs sitting on the front seat.
  • Dogs that hang their heads on the window may get injuries from external debris.
  • Anxious or enthusiastic dogs may leap out of open windows.
  • Loose dogs at the backseat of the cat during an accident may be a dangerous projectile, and this is true for the large and small dogs.

Dog Without Seatbelt: A Distraction

Dog seatbelts help in preventing driver distraction. In fact, one study suggests that about 65% of dog guardians engage in a distracted driving behavior due to a dog roaming freely in the car.

Furthermore, dog distractions may cause us in taking our eyes off of the road and may lead to some serious injury and accident. Dog seatbelts may keep the dog in place, minimizing any distraction so you might be able to focus on your driving.

Dog-as-passenger distractions may include:

  • Universal nervous or adorable antics, which you cannot help but take the eyes off the road to watch.
  • Moving agitatedly around the car cabin, obstructing the sightlines and mirrors.
  • Wandering anxiously into the lap of the driver.
  • Lunging and barking at other dogs, people, cars, or for no clear reason, smashing against the car windows.
  • Attempts to escaping the car.

We might miss the sight of those lovely dogs in our side mirror, but the peace of mind, which comes with practicing safe travel with dogs makes for a greater substitute. Every time we get in the car, we reach to fasten our seatbelts for safety, why not do the same thing for dogs?

How To Choose The Right Car Seatbelt For Your Dog?

An operational dog seatbelt for a car must be able to maintain the dog’s stability inside the car, as well as restrain their movement.

Unluckily, there aren’t yet standard requirements and regulations for dog car limitations the way there are for the human restraints. This results in third-party consumer product tests and reports.

Put simply, reviews and tests not conducted by companies, which manufactures their product –are the best resource in choosing the safest dog seatbelt.

Here are some of the best seatbelts for dogs:

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Tether

This dog seatbelt will let you bring your pooch with you in many vehicles with great ease. This tether is attuned with all the sizes of Solvit’s Deluxe Car Harnesses, as well as fits in with any safety system of a vehicle.

Made from durable materials and high-strength carabiner, this is tested to 2000 pounds and is adjustable as well!

EzyDog Click Adjustable Seatbelt Restraint

Having an adjustable strap, which allows some freedom, it fastens to the harness D-ring at one end, while the other end attaches directly in the seat belt anchor.

You might leave it in the car at all times, so you are always ready to snap it in and go, and the dog will love that it lets it have adequate room to sit, lie down, take a snooze, and look out of the window.

Mighty Paw Dog Vehicle Safety Belt

This is designed to connect directly onto the safety latch that’s located in the backseat’s crease, instead of attaching it to the seatbelt.

This gets rid of the risk that the dog might step on the seat belt release and go freely in the midst of a drive. Since it can stay connected at all times, it can provide total ease and convenience when you want to hit the road with your dog.

Kurgo Leash/Zipline Combo

This restraint the dog to its area so it cannot cause any trouble, distraction, or worse –accident while giving some freedom to move and to stand and sit.

Its leash connects and disconnects easily from the zipline when you want to get in or out of the car. This means the instant transition from car restraint to walking lead.

Guardian Gear Ride Right Seat Belt Connector

This features a distinctive design, which easily and quickly wraps all over any seatbelt, with adjustable attachment strap, which clips on any seatbelt.

It is so easy to connect and disconnect for the easy entry and exit from the cat. Further, it boasts nickel-plated, heavy-duty clips for a much stronger and more secure hold.

What About Using Carriers, Crates, Booster Seats, Or Pet Car Seat?

If a car dog seatbelt is not an option for the needs of your dog, testers at the Center for Pet Safety have the safety of your dog covered. In fact, in a test in 2015, they found that not even a single pet car seat for small dogs perform that well in a certain impact. Moreover, there are some carriers that are safe to use, but not all of them are certified by safety testers.

Additionally, for larger dogs who tend to do better in a car with a crate, rather than a seatbelt, there are some caters that are tested safe for them –just like the caters from Gunner. These are designed for outdoor use and are famous with outdoor enthusiasts, but this comes at a high price –$320 or above. But this is a worthy investment, more especially if you drive often on long distances with your dog.


Some dogs find that car seatbelts are uncomfortable at first. You may want to introduce this in a gradual manner. Also, make sure that the introductory sessions will involve a lot of treats.

Before you even know it, putting a seatbelt on your dog might become second nature for you and your pooch, and you may hit the asphalt free of distraction and very safely. Have a great and safe ride!

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