Best Dog Toothpaste to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy


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Like our teeth, dog’s teeth need dental cleaning too, and for that, you will need the best dog toothpaste. They may not eat as much of the cavity-causing food that we do, but they also need proper oral care. As responsible dog parents, you should brush your beloved pup’s teeth to keep them healthy and free from mouth diseases.

Try these options below that are dog-friendly:


Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste

This vanilla-mint flavored toothpaste is specially formulated for your dogs. If you have cats, this can be used for their teeth too. For less than $9, you can have this 2.5 oz. toothpaste for your pets’ dental hygiene.


  • Inhibits the formation of plaque
  • Eliminates mouth odors
  • Has no foaming agents
  • Formulated for cats and dogs


  • Mint flavor may not be likable
  • The gel may not stick to the teeth very well



This enzymatic toothpaste from Virbac can be used daily or as often as the veterinarian says so. This provides natural antibacterial action. This also helps dissolve deposits in your dog’s mouth chemically. Those need to be removed before they harden and turn into tartar. When this happens, it will be harder to remove and might need professional dental cleaning, which will cost you more.

The toothpaste does not contain foaming agents so no worries when your dog swallows it. Since dogs do not know how to spit as we humans do, it is safe for them to ingest this your dog will have clean while not putting him at any risk.


Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste

This is one of the best-selling toothpaste for dogs. Many customers have been satisfied with using this for their dog’s regular teeth cleaning. This only costs less than $8 and is 6.2 oz. A pea size is enough for your dog’s oral hygiene.


  • Specifically formulated for pets
  • Dissolves deposits
  • Does not contain foaming agents
  • Poultry flavored


  • May not be able to make breath fresher
  • The toothpaste itself smells terrible


The Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste is poultry flavored, so your pets will like its taste. You will not have difficulty in brushing them because they will like its flavor. Unfortunately, it may not eliminate much of the bad breath since it is not mint favored, but it will clean their teeth.

This specially formulated toothpaste helps control the plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth. It will soften the tartar, and you can just remove it to reveal healthy and clean teeth.

This toothpaste is also safe to be swallowed because it does not contain foaming agents. This toothpaste is a safe way to clean your dog’s teeth with a favor that they will surely like.


Use Dog Toothpaste Not Human Toothpaste

Human toothpaste is not safe for dogs, obviously, because they are made for humans. Dogs do not know how to spit out toothpaste. The chemical ingredients in those might cause problems for your beloved pooches if they swallow it.

Pet toothpaste does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This is the foaming ingredient in human toothpaste. Also, pet toothpaste comes in flavors that they will like. It will lessen the difficulty in cleaning their teeth.



As a responsible pet owner, maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene is one of your duties. They are also prone to bacteria that may cause tooth decay and gum diseases. To help prevent mouth problems, use appropriate toothpaste for them.


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