Best Dog Diaper that Stays On


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Sometimes, no matter how well trained your dog is when it comes to potty breaks, accidents can happen. Diapers are not just for humans our beloved pooches may need them too on some occasions.

It is not ideal to put your dog in diapers for all of its life. The use of diapers is only recommended when the accidents happen much too often. It could be that they have illnesses or diseases or a female dog could be in heat.

If you think your dog needs diapers, here are a few suggestions we have of the best dog diapers available.

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers


Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers is specifically designed for male dogs. It is a comfortable fit around a male dog to prevent accidents around your house. This pack of disposable male dog wraps will cost you less than $11.

These wraps have super-absorbent cores and have leak-proof elastic barriers. Well as a diaper, its job is to prevent leakage so that should be a no-brainer.

Of course, these diapers should fit comfortably around your dog. This uses fur-safe fasteners to keep it secured. Your dog’s fur will surely be safe from being pulled.

If you have an active dog, the diaper is stretchable for flexible movement. This also has a wetness indicator to let you know when it needs changing.


  • Stretchy and comfortable
  • Changes color when wet
  • Locks in moisture


  • Some customers complained that the tabs have lowered in quality
  • Not recommended to be reused
  • $11 is kind of expensive for a 12-pack

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs

If you do not like buying diapers repeatedly, a reusable one will do you good. Three pieces of these bell bands will cost you less than $14. The may be costly now, but they can repeatedly be used, unlike disposable ones.

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers are padded and soft. It has two layers of microfiber to prevent urine from leaking.This has a wide magic tape closure to keep the diapers securely around your male dog’s waist. This also makes the diaper easily adjustable, so it accommodates your dog’s movement.

These diapers can be machine or hand washed. The high-quality fabric can last a long time even after so many uses.


  • Environment-friendly and economical
  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Secure magic tape


  • Does not have a wetness indicator
  • Inaccurate sizing chart

Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco Washable diapers are perfect for female dogs when they are in heat. Since heat is a natural thing that happens to them, we can only prevent the bloodstains when we put them on diapers. For less than $15, you will have three pieces of diapers for your dog to use over and over.

These soft and absorbent diapers can also be used for other urinary problems, of course. Your dog will be comfortable wearing these because it does not have the rough texture disposable ones have. These are also secured by Velcro that will not stick to their fur.

Your furniture also will not get wet because the outer layer is waterproof.


  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Available in different colors and prints
  • Environment-friendly and economical
  • Guaranteed safe and non-toxic


  • Not recommended for 24/7 use
  • The tail hole is small for large dogs
  • Inaccurate sizing chart

Simple Solution Disposable Female Dog Diapers

If you do not have the time and energy to wash diapers, you can just opt for disposable ones. These disposable diapers from Simple Solution are designed for female dogs. A 30-piece pack will cost you less than $22.

Simple Solution diapers have super-absorbent cores and leak-proof barriers. Moisture would be kept in so that no mess would go into your rugs, carpets, couches, and other parts of the house. After every use, you simply have to throw it in the trash.

Dogs can be quite playful, so these diapers are secured with fasteners to keep it from slipping. Do not worry as these are fur-friendly, which means it will not stick to the fur. This also has a tail hole so your dog’s tail can move around freely.


  • Soft and breathable outer layer
  • Made of stretchable fabric
  • Has long wings to keep it in place


  • Can get stinky
  • Gives rash to dogs with sensitive skin
  • The sizes are actually pretty small

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Diaper that Stays On


Male or Female

Dog diapers are manufactured differently for male and female dogs. Usually, male diapers are like bands that go around their genital area. Female diapers wrap around and cover their bottoms with a hole for their tails.

Male dogs may need diapers for incontinence, urinary tract problems, aging or illnesses. Females can also have problems because of those and also whenever they are in heat. Diapers are useful to prevent leakages and messes around your house.


Disposable or Reusable

The biggest advantage of reusable dog diapers is that they are environment-friendly and economical. They can save you a lot more money than keeping on buying disposable ones. This is a better option if your dog needs the long-term use of diapers.

Disposable ones, however, are better if you cannot or do not want to wash reusable diapers. Sometimes we may just be too busy with other stuff that washing doggy diapers is not a priority. Disposable dog diapers are best for occasional use.



Dog diapers that are soft and snug are more comfortable for your dogs. They may be able to wear those diapers longer instead of whining and trying to shake it off. Because diapers are designed for preventing leakage, it is important that they are super absorbent.

Disposable and reusable diapers are made of different materials. Reusable ones are usually made of cloth so they can be washed and used repeatedly. Disposable diapers, however, are made for one-time use only, which can be terrible to the environment.



The size of the diapers can make or break the usability of it. What is the point of using diapers if it will just leak right? Diapers are supposed to keep moisture in.

Too large diapers will not be able to hold in wetness and may cause leakage. Too small diapers can be very uncomfortable and restrictive for your dogs. Be sure to measure your dog’s waist to be able to determine what size fits best.

Sometimes sizing charts can be inaccurate. Even if you measure your dogs, there is still a possibility that the diapers could be too small or large. If the sizing chart is the problem, trial and error might be the solution, or maybe some helpful reviews from other customers.


Is your dog having problems with wetting? After taking your dog to the vet to check for possible illnesses, dog diapers can help with the mess.

Keep in mind that dogs can be very active, so their diapers need to stay on. These dog diapers we have for you have secure and fur-friendly fasteners to keep them around your dogs.

These dog diapers are good to have for potty training your fur babies. However, if uncontrollable problems cause the wetting, then you definitely must have these at the ready.



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