Ultimate Guide to the Best Dog Training Collars


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Looking for some help training your dog? Sometimes it can be a challenge and you need outside help. We’re here to help you out with our guide to the best dog training collars.

Dogs are more than just a man’s best friend. They are now family. They have their beds in the house. Budgets are allotted for their food and other needs. Whenever they are not feeling well, they are taken to the vet. They are also included in family photos.

Dogs are dear pets. People just adore them. They are loyal, and they bring joy to our homes. Sometimes they can misbehave. Of course, we cannot blame them because they are animals who do not know any better, but there are certain things we can do to train them into behaving properly.

The best dog training collars are effective devices that can help turn your dog into a disciplined canine.


What Are Dog Training Collars?

These collars help you correct the misbehavior of your dogs. It produces a shock, a vibration or a tone that your dog will feel whenever you press a button. Levels of those stimuli can vary depending on how much your dog can take. You can use it to reinforce good behavior they already know or correct bad habits you do not want.

Dog training collars also allow you to train your dog within a distance. Remotes control these collars. You can use when you need to train your dog without you being associated with the good behavior reinforcement.


What Makes Up a Training Collar?

Basic components of training collars are a remote transmitter, a collar receiver, and collar probes. The remote is what lets you select the type of stimulation to give your dog and the level of the stimuli. The collar is the one that receives the command, which is around your dog’s neck. And, the probes are the ones attached to the collar and are in direct contact with the dog’s skin, so the dog feels the stimuli.


What Are the Uses of a Dog Training Collar?

Dog training collars can be used in curbing different problematic areas in your dog’s behavior. It can also reinforce already-earned behavior that he may have stopped showing. You can use the dog collar for these:



Make your dog follow simple instructions like calling for him or doing simple tricks. After maybe a few weeks, your dog will be able to respond accordingly to your simple commands.



Some dogs are just excessively loud. Stop disturbing the peace in your home or your neighbors’ by training your dog to stop unnecessary and incessant barking. You will be able to sleep soundly through the night if your dog knows how to be quiet.



Dogs are fond of chasing squirrels, cats, other dogs, cars, or even people. Putting him on a leash will not put a stop to this. Chasing can sometimes lead to accidents. Your dog can inflict harm or be harmed. You don’t want your dog to be hit by a car, right? You also don’t want to spend extra money on medical bills. Training him is important to keep him safe and those around him too.



If you take pride in a neat and clean yard, don’t let your dogs ruin it with random holes he dug up. It will save you the money and effort you put in landscaping. Also, it will keep your dog from digging up craters in your neighbors’ yards.



Keep your dog from showing aggressive behavior before he harms you or other people. Dog bites can be painful, and diseases can be transmitted if your dog has not been vaccinated. Don’t let your dogs be a danger to anyone.


Unwanted Chewing

If you do not want your dogs to chew your shoes, train him. You do not have to waste money buying new pairs to replace your perfectly good ones. You also don’t have to scold him whenever he does, only to do it again when he feels like it.


Raiding Trash Bins

This also helps in keeping your dogs from raiding trash bins. Keep your dog from scavenging inside filthy garbage cans. It’s unsanitary, and they tend to spill all the trash. Keep your surroundings clean.


Take Caution When Using a Dog Training Collar

These collars should be used only if you know how to use it. Not all dogs will respond well to these collars if you use it without adequate knowledge.


Know Your Dog

Knowing the personality of the dogs is important too. Before putting a training collar around your dog’s neck, ensure that they have no previous history of abuse. They may be too sensitive for this kind of training. Instead of good behavior, the dog might end up just being too scared.

The age of the dog might not be a good measure of when to use a training collar too. Dogs are all different. Some may be mentally ready for it, and some are not. You have to make sure that your dog has a basic understanding of what you expect him to do.

Consider his size too. The collar should fit comfortably around his neck. Make sure that your dog can support the weight of the collar.


Be Aware

Use your best judgment on how much stimulation your dog can take. This is a big issue with dog owners. They think these collars are a type of punishment. They are afraid that it hurts their dogs. But, this is a misconception.

Always start with the lowest level. If your dog is unaffected, then work your way up. You cannot hurt your dogs as long as you pay attention to his responses. They will experience a tingling or discomfort, but this is necessary to set him straight.


Do Not Be Too Soft

Do not be afraid of hurting him. The collars can hurt them, but that depends on how much of a good trainer you are. Being lenient with the dogs will not help you curb their bad behavior. Sometimes being strict helps to get the dogs disciplined.

If you are still unsure, you might want to consult with professional trainers. Talk to them to find out the appropriate training for your dog.


Some Dog Training Collars You May Want for Your Dog

If you have dogs and want them to be well behaved, check out some of the best dog training collars we have gathered. See the list below.

Petrainer PET998DBB2 E-Collar

According to the company, this e-collar is perfect for beginners. It is easy to use. It can give remote training to correct a dog’s behavior within a reasonable range. This $50 e-collar has an easy to understand interface and has variable levels of stimulation of vibration and shock.


  • Wide transmitter range
  • Water-proof collar receivers
  • Rain-proof remote
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Has four stimulations



  • No easy switch between the two collars
  • No lock buttons on the remote

This e-collar has a range of 330 yards so it can be used in the house, out in the yard or parks. It comes with two collar receivers so that you can train two dogs at the same time.

It has a beep, vibration, and shock mode. There is only one level of the beep tone and 100 levels each of the shock and vibration mode. There is also a blinking green light mode.

The collar can fit on small, medium, and large dogs and puppies. The straps are adjustable and can fit a neck size of up to 25 inches. The receivers are also water-resistant, so your dogs can be trained even while swimming.

Mothca Dog Training Collar with Remote

This collar is an upgraded 2018 version. It can be used by professional dog trainers or normal pet owners. It can quickly and effectively train your dog to behave according to what you deem proper for only $46. Correcting dogs’ behavior needs quick reaction time. Before the dog completely does something improper, a remote collar helps to respond immediately.


  • Quick and effective training collar
  • Wide transmitter range
  • Has waterproof transmitters
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Picks up the signal even through walls



  • Shock and vibration modes may not be very effective
  • Batteries may not hold much charge

This collar suits 10-250 lbs. dogs and puppies. It has a beep, light, shock and vibration modes. The shock and vibration modes can be varied from 0-100 levels. It has a range of 1800 feet, so training your dogs outdoors will be possible.

The Mothca training collar has a protection mode. This is a helpful feature to avoid accidentally prolonging the shock or vibrations on the dog. The stimulation will only last for 10 seconds and then automatically stop, so your dog doesn’t suffer.

The receiver and transmitter are IP67 water-resistant. Your dog can swim or bathe with the collar on. The wireless remote is sensitive so you can still discipline your dog even with a wall separating you. The collar can be adjusted between 3.93 – 19.29 inches so it can fit all sizes of dogs.

A 5-year replacement or refund warranty cover this product.

iSPECLE Dog Training Collar

iSpecle believes that training does not have to mean to be strict. You can have fun while training your dog most carefully. Though this $50 collar has a shock mode, iSpecle does not recommend it. They prefer using the other three modes more, and the shock mode is the last option.




  • Far remote range
  • Has four training modes
  • Has two collar receivers
  • Has silicone touch points
  • Waterproof collars



  • There is a lag in transmission
  • Runs down quickly in cold weather
  • The collar might fall off if not securely placed

Two dogs can be trained at the same time with this set. It has two waterproof collars with points encased in soft silicone. You can train your dogs even when water is around, and the silicone wrap protects the dog’s skin. The collar adjusts from 18 cm to 65 cm. It can fit medium to large dogs weighing 20 lbs. and above.

The two collars are controlled by one remote. It has a super far remote range of 875 yards or 2600 ft. Train your dogs in the house or outside on backyards or in parks. There is no need to be contained in a small space.

The collar has four modes: light, vibration, shock, and sound. The light is particularly helpful in areas with low visibility. If your dog is not yet responsive when you call, you can use the light to see where he is. The vibration and shock mode can be adjusted from 0-99. The sound mode serves as an audible warning for your dogs.

A 12-month warranty covers this product. The training collars can be refunded or replaced when you are not satisfied with the product.

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425

This is a $170 e-collar It is high quality, and many customers are satisfied with this product. It allows you to train close-working dogs in the yard, field, park, and for hunting. It has variable three modes and can fit different sizes of dogs.


  • Has variable three modes
  • Wide 500-yard range
  • Waterproof Collar receivers
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Includes a detailed operating guide and training DVD



  • The collar may not fit large dogs
  • Only has seven variable settings

The remote allows you seven low to medium eves of static stimulation. It can let you give your dog a momentary stimulation or nicks, or a continuous one. Vibration and tone stimulations are also included.

The remote can control up to three collars, but the extra two is also an additional purchase.

The collar has a wide 500-yard range so dogs can be trained in yards or fields, or parks. It is waterproof and can be submerged up to 25 feet. It is also powered by lithium-ion batteries that can last up to 50-70 hours in one full charge.

The collar can fit dogs 8 lbs. or higher. It has a soft coating, so it is comfortable around the neck of dogs.



An alternative option to train your stubborn dogs is by using a dog training collar. It is convenient and practical and lets you transmit signals to your dogs from a distance.

Contrary to others’ beliefs, training collars are not a cruel way to discipline dogs. It depends on how a dog responds to different stimuli to make training effective. Hopefully, this guide has given you further insight into the use of training collars to correct misbehavior of dogs.

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