7 Secrets To Getting Dog Smell Out Of Your House


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I know you love your adorable pooch!

But I also know that you are not that crazy to endure the way he makes your home smell like a zoo!

There are various amazing benefits that come with having a dog companion— however; an unpleasant smell is not one of them.

If you have noticed that unmistakable dog smell around your house or if a friend or guests started to breathe through their mouth when they are at your house, then it is probably the best time for you to take action.

Having a dog does not mean that you need to live like your inside a zoo. And, fortunately fighting dog odor is not that difficult. Here are 7 secrets in order to keep your home from smelling like a kennel.

1. Clean His Bed Once A Week

The simplest tip— wash his bed at least once every week. His dog bed can retain odor due to its fabric material, adding dog smell to your home if you do not wash it often. If it has a removable cover, then you can machine-wash the cover and use vacuum in order to further clean the cushion.

For more stubborn smells or a dog bed without any removable cover, then you can leave baking soda on the cushion for a whole night.

2. Get Your Dog Regularly Groomed

Cleaning and grooming your dog regularly might not get rid of the dog smell forever; however, it can help in reducing it. A good bath can help remove bacteria and dead skin cells, so your dog becomes less smelly and more hygienic.

Furthermore, grooming him is vital for his overall health. It is important that you do not ask him too often though since it can dry out his skin. For most breeds, a weekly bath with monthly professional grooming is enough to reduce the smell.

3. Vacuum All Furniture

Admit it:

You love to snuggle with your pooch on the sofa, right? And even if you don’t, he probably love taking a nap on those cushy sofa pillows.

If so, then your furniture is nowhere safe from that dog smell.

Like his dog bed, if he loves to lounge on your sofa, then it should be cleaned often. One of the fastest ways to eliminate that dog smell is to give your furniture a thorough clean every week.

You can start by removing all furniture covers and washing them on high heat in order to kill bacteria. Next, vacuum all mattresses, sofas, cushions and other furniture where he loves to lounge. Plus, do not forget to clean under the furniture, too!

4. Deodorize Beds And Carpets With Natural Products

Using baking soda is one of the cheapest ways you can do to deodorize your beds and carpets.

Just sprinkle it over carpet or fabric fibers and allow it to work its magic for the whole night. When morning comes, you can use the vacuum to clean it and enjoy fresh-smelling carpets and beds.

This might not be as effective as professional carpet and bed cleaning products; however, it does a great job at a small cost and non-toxic way.

This similar hack can be used for blankets and cushions. You can wash them in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and laundry powder to remove the dog odors without spending extra bucks for expensive cleaning products.

5. Buy An Air Purifier

Consider getting an air purifier with carbon filters in order to reduce the dog smell at your home. Buying one does not mean that you can ignore the other tips, however, a purifier I one of the easiest and fastest ways to make your house smell fresh.

And although air purifiers are great at reducing odor, it is still important that you regularly clean the filter since they can become clogged with dust buildups as well as pet hair which reduces its effectiveness.

6. Use Hepa Vacuum With Charcoal Filters

Although vacuuming is one of the most common tips in order to get rid of the dog smell, you might notice that the odor might get worse after vacuuming. This may be because your vacuum is not effectively filtering the air.

Most vacuums come with standard filters which work in a similar way as a sieve. They only remove large dust particle, however, smaller particles can pass through the gaps.

Getting a HEPA vacuum can help trap dust and dirt, thanks to its complex network of glass fibers, making them more effective at preventing any particles escape. Although HEPA filters do not directly eliminate the odors, they can prevent the spread of pet dander and bacteria around your home.

If you want to eliminate odors when cleaning, there are some vacuums that come with charcoal filters which absorb odors and keep your home from smelling like a kennel.

7. Open The Windows

The final secret is the easiest advice out there— just open the windows and allow that fresh breeze of air to come in. One of the biggest causes of dog smell is the stale air which allows the smell to settle in and seep into furniture and carpets.

By allowing the circulation of fresh air around your house, odors and unwanted smell can be removed before it even has the chance to become uncomfortable.

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