7 Dog House Ideas To Seriously Upgrade Your Dog’s Crib


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Every dog needs a place to call their own. A place where they can rest comfortably and a place where they can spot their favorite toys. Like so, we present these 7 dog house ideas to seriously upgrade your dog’s crib. Find the one that will suit your furry buddy and enjoy the rest.

1. Vintage Styled Luxury Dog Houses

You might like to try the number one Luxury Dog House that stays on top for three consecutive years. Upgrade your dog’s crib and let them experience the cozy feeling that this doghouse can bring. It comprises an easy to clean asphalt design roof and very comfortable double vented windows.

Likewise, its 49”L x 44”W x 40”H dimensions can only cater dogs below 100 lbs. Afterward, see a refreshed pup coming out from this 100% handmade house. You can also spice your dog’s crib up with comfortable quality outdoor dog beds also available in Luxury Dog Houses.


2. Elegantly Styled In-Home Indoor Dog House with Wired Door

Seriously, this indoor Luxury Dog House will surely satisfy your furry buddy. Along with its astounding design, this doghouse offers security and protection for your dog 24 hours a day. Made movable and constructed with natural cedar, this item looks great either inside or outside the house.

Also, this Elegantly Styled In-Home Indoor Dog House with Wired door is best for small dogs weighing less than 30 lbs. only. It has a sealed top and is covered in a water-based paint. Measuring 31.5”L x 21.5”W x 21”H, this doghouse idea will surely make your dog wave its tail in excitement.


3. Charmingly Beautiful Vintage Two-Part Modern Dog House

Since dogs are also susceptible to heat, cold, and any harmful weather conditions, you must protect them with this Luxury Dog House. This oak finished doghouse has a combination of elevated flooring and slant-roof best for your pet. As a result, your furry friend will surely be protected from getting wet in raining seasons and also avoid the danger of too much heat.

Would you like to know more about this charming doghouse? Well, you can truly satisfy the word upgrade in this item because it has an optional center wall divider in case you have two dogs.


4. Amazingly Spacious All-Weather Two Part Fancy Dog Houses

Upgrade the crib of your dogs now and encourage a harmonious cohabitation with other dogs with this Luxury Dog House. Designed with two dog free doors, this doghouse has an elevated floor to keep your dogs dry every day. Also, it is naturally insulated so you can guarantee that your dogs are absolutely comfortable under its protection.

Enhance the social skill of your furry friends and let them live together in this astoundingly designed doghouse. After all, the best places to live comfortably is the place where you live with others harmoniously. Well, the same is true with dogs.


5. Fashionably Tiny All-Weather Duplex Dog House

Level up your dog’s fun and exciting experience with this Luxury Dog House. It is undeniable that this doghouse is a wonderful place where your dogs must live at. Highlighting latticework panels and plank designed frame, your pet can walk straight in top deck and relax all day.

This two-tone colored doghouse measures 28.5” x 21.6” x 26” dimension. Also, it is composed of a wide arched entrance with a plank designed floor and flat rooftop best for a smaller breed of dogs. Most of all, you don’t need to worry about the rain if you place it outside the house because it is water-resistant.


6. Ruggedly Sturdy Cabin-Style Wooden Dog House

Would you like to make your canine friend lay comfortably in a wooden doghouse? Well then, introduce this Cabin-Style Luxury Dog House and see your pet sleep soundly inside. It is comprised of easy to clean elevated floors and centered entryway that makes it look exactly like a log cabin.

Not in the woods though. It is also constructed air-tight with solid fir wood along with asphalt looking roof. Moreover, it features a slanted roof with the off-centered entryway. The most significant feature of this Luxury Dog House that really helps is its removable roof. This helps for easy cleaning and maintenance.


7. Elegantly-Styled In Home Fancy Dog House

“Simple is elegant”, well this is true. Introducing this Elegantly-Styled In Home Fancy Dog House, you can really prove that simplicity is still the best criteria for elegance. With its furniture-like design, this Luxury Dog House is best to add inside your home. Composed of steel crate covered in powder this masterpiece is the best doghouse where your pup can relax and chill.

Like what is said earlier, this doghouse looks very elegant. So, how about upgrade your dog’s crib and upgrade your living room at the same time.

Let your dogs enjoy a luxurious home and let them be pampered with comfort. Meanwhile, your dogs will surely stay safe and protected with these well-built doghouses. Have you found the Luxury Dog House to upgrade your dog’s crib? Get it now.

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