5 Ways You Can Become A Better Dog Owner


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Who said that we cannot strive for perfection and try to become better dog owners?

I know that you are committed to your adorable pooch, but are you ready to take the next levels of dog ownership and be a better, more lovable owner than ever?

Well, buckle up as we blast through 5 ways for you to become a better dog owner than you already are!

1. Never, Ever Hit Him!

From training perspectives as well as humane perspectives, hitting your precious doggo is never an appropriate thing to do!

Regardless of how mischievous he was or how angry you get at your dog, hitting him, or even just a small spank, will never solve your problems.

What you will have instead is a scared dog— or worse— an aggressive one.

So, the next time you teach and train him, do it with compassion and patience. And when you even think of hitting your little pooch, think of how many times they have forgiven you when you left them all alone, all day and still wag their tail whenever you come home.

2. Find Him New Friends

Dogs are pack animals. They are sociable and love to spend time with other dogs!

If you have a dog park close by, then you are lucky. There are probably plenty of other dog owners walking over there on a daily basis— with some who might be looking for a close friend for their adorable pets.

Other than that, you can also research local communities where dog owners typically gather and meet people in order to arrange “play dates” with different dogs.

3. Take Him To His Vet Regularly

By constantly making sure that your pooch is a hundred percent healthy, you can become a better dog owner!

Nature is already cruel enough by shortening a dog’s life 7 times shorter than humans. So, it is up to you to extend your doggo’s life by observing changes in his behavior, examining every lump he may have, providing only the best dog supplements and going through general check-ups at your local veterinary clinic every now and then.

4. Re-Think Their Food

A balanced and complete diet is crucial. However, the dietary needs of our pooch change over time because of their activity levels, health conditions, and age. Due to the different requirements, you need to make sure that the food you are giving him is specifically balanced for his current life stage.

Also, make sure that he is getting all the nutrient he needs— from the canned food to the kibbles you provide. Make sure that his food meets all the needed AAFCO health guidelines. When looking for treats, be wary of high amounts of sodium and salt since they can be troublesome for your doggo.

5. Practice Grooming

It is not as difficult as it looks. However, how much trouble will you have with the grooming of your pooch and how often should it be done depends largely on his breed.

Nevertheless, regularly grooming him is crucial. You can take him to a professional groomer once a month, but you can also do it in your home.

  • Wash Him As Needed

If he has short hair, you can give him a bath once every two weeks. If he is too furry, you can do it more often, maybe once a week is enough.

  • Brush His Fur

Brushing your dog’s fur can help remove tangles and prevent the formation of matted hairs. Dogs with short hair can be combed once a week, while those with long furs need to be brushed on a daily basis in order to avoid mats and tangles.

  • Clip His Nails

A dog’s nails can grow really long and unsanitary, especially if you let him rake your backyard to hide some bones. Consider purchasing a dog nail clipper from your local pet store and clip his long nails regularly.

Just be careful with clipping his nails, and make sure that you do not cut too far down and hit his quick. This area is quite sensitive and can bleed when trimmed.

  • Brushing His Teeth

Brushing your pooch’s teeth not only gives him a fresh breath, but it can also help in preventing tooth decays as well as gum disease as he ages. If he has bad breath, then there might be too much bacteria on his mouth that are causing the problem.

You can use a gauze pad, a kiddie toothbrush or a nylon stretched over to your finger in order to clean his teeth. Also, make sure that you use special toothpaste for dogs or you can form a paste by a mix a bit of water and baking soda.

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