5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated


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Keeping your dogs busy and tiring them out is one of the best ways to do to bring out their energy. Dogs that don’t have enough exercise tend to be overly active, this will lead them to bark more often, chew on things, and destroy stuff.

Tiring and keeping your dog busy is a good stimulation to bring out their excess energy, while also keeping them physically healthy. But instead of adding more physical activities to your pet’s routine, you should consider adding a couple of brain games too.

5 Unique Ways to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Keeping your pet stimulated with several mental games will help enrich your dog’s life, this is because you are giving them something meaningful to do. And since this kind of activity alleviates your pet’s boredom, it will likely decrease the possible development of behavioral issues, such as chewing, barking, and even biting.

Here are 5 mental activities that you can do to keep your dog active and mentally healthy:

1. Use Puzzle Toys For Dogs

Getting a puzzle toy for your dog will help keep them busy and entertained. These toys will keep your pet focused on getting the treats, which will then give them a chance to use their natural abilities in solving problems.

In this way, you no longer have to add more physical activities as these toys will keep them engaged, and you will also boost up their confidence and tire them out mentally as well. There are quite a lot puzzle toys for dogs that you can choose from in the market, you can also look around in Amazon.

2. Teach Them Some Tricks

How many tricks does your pet know? Does it know how to “sit”, “Shake Hands”, “roll over”, “lay down”, or “come here”? If your pet knows a couple of the basic ones, then that’s good news. Adding in a couple of tricks that goes way beyond the basics would be much better.

Teaching tricks or commands to your pet keep them mentally healthy, and can also be really helpful for dogs that are shy or fearful. Training them will also help boost their confidence and strengthens the bond between dog and an owner. Another benefit that you can gain from teaching them tricks is, it’ll increase your pet’s focus and their manners or impulse control.

3. Use Food Dispensing Toys

Rather than just setting down your pet’s bowl and letting them go at their food, why don’t you make it a bit more challenging for them to get their food, which will keep them entertained and mentally stimulates them?

Another way of adding in a mental activity for your pet is by changing their feeding routine, not only will this keep them busy, but it would also help lessen their scavenging habits. You can make a fun satisfying out of the toy for your dog.

4. Make Them Search For Treats

A lot of dog owners have said that nose work games are one of their dog’s favorite activities. If you haven’t tried this out with your pet before, you should start doing it now.

All you have to do is to hide treats around the house and then let your dog find them. If your pet is new to the game, you should hide the treats on easy spots and then encourage your dog to find them. Making them search for treats rather than just giving it to them, will provide your dog more mental stimulation on their daily routine.

5. Create an Obstacle Course

If you have seen some dog shows before, or canines that have been training, you’ll notice that trainers often use obstacle courses to train their pets. This is because not only does it keep them mentally stimulated, but it also keeps their dogs physically healthy. It is a really nice mental and physical work out for them.

Don’t worry if you don’t have tunnels, poles, agility jumps, and other items for an obstacle course, as you can just make your own one or use some stuff in your house as an alternative, such as a broomstick to work as a pole.


Aside from toys and trick training, another thing that can mentally stimulate your pet is by regularly playing with them. Dogs are very active and love getting attention from their favorite human if you don’t have enough time to train your dog, you should at least play with them for a little bit as a bonding time.

However, you should know that by keeping your dog mentally stimulated, it will make them tamed and well-behaved canines. So consider adding in a couple of brain games on their daily activities.

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