5 Tips On How To Get Dog Smell Out Of The Couch


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You cannot get rid of your beloved dog, yet you can get clear of the smells that linger in your couch. Regular cleaning might help evict the pooch debris, which creates those odors.

With the use of gentle solutions and being constant with cleaning may help you in getting the dog odor out of the couch and make your home a more inviting place for humans and pets alike. Below are some ways on how to get dog smell out of the couch. Learn about these and more –read on to this article!

How To Get Dog Smell Out Of The Couch?

Here are some ways on how you can get rid of those foul dog odor in your couch!

Take Away Anything Removable

Couches often come with pillows, throw blankets. Covers, and cushions, which you can remove. Pulling apart a couch as much as possible can make it easier to clean the smell of it, as well as freshen up the couch.

Furthermore, you will also have an easier time to get down to the couch to deep clean it. You can separate the removable stuff into non-washable and washable items so that everything will get cleaned in the finest way possible.

Wash Removable Covers

Once you have taken away the removable stuff on the couch, you may now wash it. Head on to the washing area and wash the washable removable stuff, such as removable cushion covers and blankets. There are some throw pillows, which also have removable covers in them –these too can go into the wash.

Bear in mind, always check the labels to make sure that the covers are safe to wash on a regular basis. You may add ½ cup of vinegar on it for extra help in getting rid of the dog odor.

Wait and dry the couch covers up until you have to get rid of the dog smell. If you are going to dry it in the dryer, note that the high heat in the dryer may set the smells within the fabric even worse, making it much more challenging to get rid of them.

You may do a sniff test if you want to test if the covers are already clean. Repeat the wash cycle if it is necessary. This is essential if you wish to get rid more of the odor.

Use Vacuum To Get Rid Of Dog Odor Off The Couch

Taking away all of the debris that your dog leaves behind the couch may assist in getting rid of the smell out of the couch, and the vacuum cleaner is one great way in doing that.

If you do not have any removable cushions on the couch, you may vacuum all the surfaces very well. This includes deep in the fissures alongside the edges, as well as in between each cushion.

Even though you have removable cushions, it is still a good idea to vacuum any non-removable stuff and get within the fissures. Vacuuming is something that’s simple –you can do regularly to get rid of the dog odor out of the couch, as well as keep the smells under your control.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is beneficial in absorbing odors, so it might come in beneficial for the pet odors in the couch. You may sprinkle this onto the couch fabric and leave it all night.

By way of giving the baking soda enough time to sit, you are allowing to soak up even more of the odor. After letting it sit, you may use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the baking soda up.

Use an Upholstery Cleaner

If your couch needs a much deeper cleaning to take away the stink of the couch, you might rent a carpet cleaner or an upholstery cleaner who has an upholstery attachment.

Using the cleaner last after getting rid of as much smell as possible is a good idea –in fact, it is essential for you to not get a wet dog smell. In addition, you might also want to invest in a small, hand-held cleaner for future purposes.

How To Prevent Future Odors On The Couch?

Due to the fact that oils, substances, and furs on the dog may cause the odor, getting rid of these things may cut down on future dog odors. Regularly bathe & groom your dog in order to keep the fur smelling good. Furthermore, brushing the dog outside may also help in cutting down on the amount, which ends up on the couch.

You might also prevent smelly stuff from getting into the couch by way of wiping the paws of your dog after it came from outside the hose.

Using removable covers like slipcovers on the couch might make cleaning much easier. You might toss the covers onto the laundry as part of the regular cleaning regimen, in order to freshen them up. Additionally, a high-quality air purifier may also help in getting rid of general dog odors in the room.

Remember, it is not always your dog that causes the smelly couch. You need to be gentle for your pooch. If you get bothered by the dog odor in your couch, follow the five tips above and you will be free of it!

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