5 Myths About House Training Your Dog You Probably Still Believe


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House training your adorable pooch is one of the best ways in order to make a confident, disciplined and well-adjusted adult dog.

However, there are numerous conceptions and myths out there about how house training your dog. Here are some of them:

1. Training Is Only For Puppies

There is a wide belief that adult dogs are too hard-headed to be trained, therefore training is only for puppies.

Puppies do indeed need training, but why should you stop there?

You would not stop sending your kids to school after the become teenager, so why do you need to stop training your dog?

In actuality, dogs LOVE learning. And it is proven that dogs who continue to learn and train with their owners even at an old age are generally much easier and more chilled out in their every day like.

Working and stimulating your dog’s mind is actually a great way in order to keep your dog from doing mischievous things such as remodeling your sofa or doing the gardening. Plus, training is a fantastic way for both of you to build a strong relationship with each other.

2. Rubbing His Nose In His “Accidents” Will House Train Him

There are various reasons as to why this is a whole myth! For one, a dog cannot piece together that you are rubbing his nose in his mess because you do not want him to do it again.

Dogs do not feel guilt or shame, and they cannot grasp the concept of a late punishment for his wrongdoings. For instance, if I came up to you and shove your face to a pile of laundry without any words, would you understand why? Did I do it without any reason at all? For fun? Am I asking you to wash them? Move them?

Communication is the key to proper training. If you can’t figure out the type of communication, why do you expect your pooch too? Instead, look for other ways. Reward him is he does his job outdoors. Use positive reinforcements rather than punishments. This gives him a better understanding of what is allowed and not.

3. You Must Be The “Alpha” For Him To Listen

This myth came from the fact that dogs are distant relatives of wolves. Then someone decided that they must also act like wolves. However, there are 2 things wrong with this belief: First, dogs are not wolves. Second, the original study that started this very myth has been exposed by scientists as not the way wolves act in nature. The study was based on unrelated, captive wolves, which did not occur in nature.

So, the next time, you think you need to establish that you are the Alpha of the family for him to listen to you, just use that time to do some proper training which has been tried and tested instead.

4. Assuming That He Will Just “Grow Out Of It”

If you are talking about his collar, then he might really grow out of it. But, in terms of behavior, then it’s another story.

Dogs learn how to behave from us. Their transition from a well-behaved dog is not just nature taking its course. If your pooch exhibit behaviors that you do not like such as chewing on your shoes or biting on your toes, then it is your job to manage such situations.

A puppy will never just “grow out” from his unwanted habit. If he jumps up on guests, then he will keep doing that unless you intervene. Bad manner will be bad manners unless you teach them it is bad and they should stop doing it.

5. He Needs To Be Punished When He Is Wrong Or He Will Never Get It Right

A person shaking a finger at a Basset Hound dog with a guilty expression

It is the typical “carrot and stick” method. We teach our dogs what to do, then punish them if they ever pick wrong. This is acceptable so that they learn to do the right thing next time, right?


You can show your pooch how to behave without hurting or scaring them. It is actually easier to teach your puppy what do instead of teaching them what not to do.

You do not need to back up your requests with threats and punishments. As a matter of fact, a dog will bond and listen better to your requests if he is not scared of getting it wrong or what you will do to him if he does.

In case he really screws up, then just move on and fix the problem next time.

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