5 Best Electronic No Bark Dog Collars


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No matter how much you love your dogs, sometimes they can get annoying with their excessive barking. Not only does it disturb the peace in your home, but it disturbs the neighbors as well. If you cannot keep shushing your dogs, try one of the best electronic no bark dog collars that we recommend.

These are proven effective in reducing dog barks. They are all highly rated and are very affordable.

1. Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar

For less than $30, this electronic dog collar can teach your dog basic obedience and correct behavior. It has a rechargeable collar receiver with three stimulation modes: beep, vibration, and shock. The vibration and shock have 100 levels, and the beep only has one standard tone.


● Easy to use
● Has three stimulation modes
● Adjustable strap
● Wide range
● Adjustable shock and vibration level
● Waterproof collar receiver


● Includes only one collar
● The four buttons are only labeled “mode”

The collar has an adjustable strap from 15-22 inches. It can fit neck sizes of small, medium, and large dogs. The receiver uses rechargeable batteries and is waterproof so it can be used even when playing in the water. The light on the collar can be useful when you need to locate your dog in a dark area.

The transmitter can control two collars at the same time. This set includes only one collar, so the extra is purchased separately. It has a range of up to 330 yards. You can train your dogs in your backyard or at the park.

This dog collar can be used by both professional pet trainers and even regular dog owners. It has the basic functions needed to train your dog, and it is very easy to use.

2. VegasDoggy Anti-Bark Collar


This dog collar can help stop your dog from barking unnecessarily. It has a beep, vibration, and harmless shock modes to stimulate your dog. It has seven sensitivity levels to choose what works for your dog. You can use the stimulations altogether or separately. You can get this collar for less than $35.


● Simple to use
● Harmless and effective bark control
● Has three stimulation modes
● Rechargeable and rainproof


● Might be too big for smaller dogs
● Can be triggered by dog’s sneeze or yawn

The collar also features the upgraded sensitivity chip. The sensors will only be triggered by your dog’s bark and the vibration it creates. This intelligent collar will prevent responses from other dogs’ barks. You can also be assured that your dog is safe in the automatic protection mode. If the collar gets activated seven times in one minute, it will automatically deactivate.

The strap can be adjusted from 1.08 in. to 7.08 in. The collar is rainproof too so it can be used outdoors. It also charges fast at only one hour to fully charge. This collar is perfect for dogs of every size. It will train your dog not to bark unnecessarily in a safe and effective way.

3. Barklo Anti-Bark Collar

Stop your dog from excessive barking by using this collar from Barklo. It is very affordable at less than $25. It is simple enough to use, but the company strongly recommends you read the manual first. It will ensure that you will use the collar correctly.


● Safe to use
● Includes a training guide
● Has seven sensitivity levels
● Effectively stops excessive barking


● No remote control
● May not work on all types of dogs

This collar features a progressive level training function. One bark will give your dog a warning tone. If it continues, your dog will feel a vibration and eventually a shock to make him stop. Don’t worry, the collar has seven different sensitivity levels you can adjust for your dog.

The water-resistant quality of the collar allows it to be used even when it is bath time. It can also be used outdoors when he wants to play in the rain.

Twelve hours a day is what the company says is an appropriate maximum time your dog can wear the collar. They also suggest that the dog should be at least six months of age to use this collar.

4. DigyDog No-Bark Collar

If you don’t like your dog’s excessive barking but also don’t want to shock him, then try this collar. It is a shock-free dog collar that is also an effective way to teach your dog not to bark. This DiggyDog No-Bark Collar will only cost you less than $22.


● Painless no-bark collar
● Has an adjustable strap
● Battery-operated
● Includes a free LED tag


● Not waterproof
● Very loud beep

This cute dog collar only gives a beep or vibration to decrease your dog’s barking effectively. It has six levels of sensitivity adjustments and a sleep mode. The collar will always give a warning tone first before the vibration.

The collar is adjustable to fit 5 lbs. and over dogs. It uses a 6V 4LR44 alkaline one mini battery, and one extra battery is included. The company also gives a free gift when you purchase. You’ll get a free LED light tag for the collar.

5. Lovatic Anti-Bark Collar

This is another humane anti-bark collar for your dog. It only has sound and vibration to train your dog not to bark. For this safe and effective anti-bark collar, you will only spend less than $20.


● Harmless and effective
● Has adjustable strap
● Waterproof
● Covered by a lifetime money back guarantee


● Sensitive to movement
● Some dogs may not get affected by either the tone or the vibration

This collar has seven levels of sensitivity adjustments and is upgraded with an intelligent chip. Only your dog’s bark and sound vibration will trigger the stimulations. The sleep mode saves the battery life by automatically turning off when the collar is not in use.

The collar will fit dogs 15 to 110 lbs. Adjust the collar to the right amount of tightness for the collar to sense the sound vibration. This collar is waterproof, and it includes an LED safety light as a gift. You can clip it on the collar, so it increases your dog’s visibility in low light.

If you are not satisfied with the product, the manufacturer guarantees your money back for a lifetime. If they are that confident with their product, then try it and see for yourself.


Teach your dogs to be more quite by using any one of these best electronic dog collars. Pets are our extended family, but they can be unpleasant when they just don’t know when to shut up. Don’t let them get used to barking at random times especially in the middle of the night. Use a dog collar to train your dog to be on their best behavior.

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